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June 2013 Jewelry Wishlist

The summer had finally started, it’s official, despite the doubts of us, Europeans, who have just been so unlucky with the weather this year. However, the sun is out, love is in the air, and it’s the best time to shop some new jewelry.
Here is my personal June 2013 wishlist:
delfina delettrez skull ring
Black and White Diamond Skull Ring in Oxidized Gold by Delfina Delettrez
shaun leane sabre
Rose Gold and Black Diamonds Sabre Earrings by Shaun Leane
azature bell earrings
Bell Earrings in Platinum with Black Diamonds by Azature
AlessandroDari Vecchio Castello
Vecchio Castello Ring with Tourmaline Cabochon in Gold by Alessandro Dari
nayna mehta pink
Multi Leave Ring with Pink and White Diamonds in White and Rose Gold by Nayna Mehta
mattia cielo
Ghiaccio Bracelet in Titanium and Gold with Black Diamonds by Mattia Cielo

A bit of rockstar style for the long summer nights!


The House of Shaun Leane

British fine jewelry designers really stand out and recently had become an inspiration to the rest of the world. They usually are not afraid to take a little risk and to seem edgy, fresh and to certain extent even alternative. This is what Shaune Leane, a young and extremely talented jewelry designer from Britain is doing. House of Shaune Leane is known for it’s collaboration with the fashion houes such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Todd Lynn, and the jewelry houses such as Boucheron.

shaun leane

shaun leane

shaun leane aurora

shaun leane aurora

small aurora

aurora earrings

The signature Aurora Collection allows you to choose your own perfect blend of gemstones

shaun leane engagement


shaun leane engagement

Signature Platinum Engagement Rings for that special one



“Queen of the Night” Necklace by Shaun Leane for Boucheron

The pieces are really beautiful, in a way alternative and fresh in the world of fine jewelry dominated by the classic designs. Be sure to keep an eye on the future works by this great talent.

Exquisite Fancy Diamonds

If you are looking for something really extraordinary from the world of jewelry, you might as well stop right here. Leviev, a New York based luxury jewelry house specializes in jewelry made with fabulous, amazing diamonds that might as well make you loose your head. Leviev opened it’s first London flagship store back in 2006 and since then expanded it’s fleet with stores in New York, Dubai, Singapore and Courchevel.

Leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diaomnds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamonds

leviev diamond butterfly

The pictures do speak louder than words here, and the exceptional jewelry shown here is larger than life. The company is owned by Lev Leviev, a legendary Israeli, who started as an apprentice in a small diamond factory at the age of 15 and now is estimated by Forbes to be one of the richest men on the planet, and Leviev corporation had sucessfully comporomised the dominance of De Beers of the exclusive diamond market.

Leviev diamonds ad

Source: Leviev

Stone Flowers

Today I chose to feature something purely inspirational as the pieces you find below are truly amazing! I love the flower motif in fine jewelry, and the combination of carved precious stone and diamonds really is one of my favorite, as it makes the pieces look so much more real than gold does. Carved precious stones can vary in price due to quality and color, and the most expensive ones usually are emerald and tourmaline, however jade and opal are more popular.
Carved Pink Tourmaline Flower Clip in Platinum and Gold with Beryl Briolette and Diamonds by Valentin Magro

Yellow Gold Earrings with Turquoise Carved Tourmaline Flowers with Diamonds and Pearls by Lotus Arts de Vivre

dior flower
White Gold Bangle with Diamonds, Emerald, Ruby, Carved Opal and Jade by Victorie de Castellane for Dior

Wendy Yue Ring
Yellow Gold Carved Pink Opal Flower Ring with Cognac Diamonds, Brown and Pink Sapphires by Wendy Yue

Katherine Jetter
White Gold Carved Opal Flower Ring with Ruby, Emeralds and Diamonds by Katherine Jetter

purple tourmaline
Bold Carved Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings in Yellow Gold by A.Brandt + Son

White and Yellow Gold Rings with Diamonds and Carved Stones by Yanush Gioielli

May 2013 Jewelry Wishlist

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, which is also a perfect moment for a change, or an addition! An addition to the jewelry box, thats what I actually had in mind…
Here are my top jewelry picks for May:

Hellmuth Gold Ring
Ring in Yellow Gold with White and Cognac Color Diamonds by Hellmuth
Carolina Bucci Cherry Ring
Tropicalia Pave Cherry Ring in Yellow Gold with Ruby, Emerald, Green and White Diamonds by Carolina Bucci
Stone Paris Spiderweb Ring
Spider Spirit Ring in 18kt Rose Gold with Diamond Pave by Stone Paris
House of Waris Plumage
Plumage Ombre 18kt Gold Necklace with Pink Sapphires by House of Waris
Nialaya Diamond Charm
Diamond Charm Snake Bracelet with Agate and Diamond Pave Snake Charm by Nialaya
Cartier Juste un Clou
Juste un Clou Bracelet in 18kt Yellow Gold with White Diamonds by Cartier
nessa star
Yellow 18kt Gold and Diamond Star Pendant Earrings by Nessa
Elise Dray Dragon Mono Earring
White 18kt Gold Dragon Mono Earring with Black, White and Brown Diamonds by Elise Dray
After reviewing a number of fine jewelry retailers, I came across these wonderful fresh pieces, as well as several new names in the world of diamonds. My personal top pick for May, however, as close to classic as it gets – really craving the Juste un Clou bangle in rose gold!

Source: Cartier, Hellmuth, Nialaya, Nessa, Elise Dray, Stone, Carlona Bucci, House of Waris

A Synonym of Luck

Dickson Yewn, the founder of Yewn, a Hong Kong based heritage jewelry brand is definitely one name to know. Dickson started as a painter, and after many requests by his clients had transfered his designs into the world of jewelry, first appearing in the private collections, and after creating a wonderful, oriental jewelry brand, The designs are amazing, taking root in the Asian heritage of Yewn, which in Chinese is a synonym of “luck” and “happiness”.Dickson Yewn

Dickson Yewn

Yewn Gemfilelds
Signature Square Rings with Emerald, Ruby and Diamonds


dickson yewn


yewn bracelet
Range of Dickson Yewn Oriental Bracelets in gold with Diamonds, Pearls and Gemstones
Yewn’s creations had been worn by the A Listers, including the First Lady Michelle Obama herself, so be sure to keep an eye on this wonderful brand, and make one of the amazing pieces your lucky charm!

Source: Dickson Yewn

Fields of Color

Gemfields is considered to be one of the most important precious stone manufacturing companies in the global jewelry industry. The company is based in London, UK, but it is really Zambia that is considered to be the real home of Gemfileds. The long list of corporate partners include such amazing designers as Faberge, Sevan Bicakci, Dominic Jones, Stephen Webster, Theo Fennell and Wilfredo Rosado just to name a few.

Bracelet by Farah Khan in 18K yellow gold with Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds, 10.31 carats, Mozambican rubies, 57.22 carats and diamonds, 9.43 carats

Rings by Alexandra Mor in yellow gold with diamonds, Gemfileds’ Zambian 68,00 CT amethyst and 26,16 CT emerald
JasmineAlexander-emerald ring
Ring by Jasmine Alexander in gold and platinum with Gemfileds’ Zambian Emerald
Being such a significant player on the jewelry market, people at Gemfields do understand the specificities of the gemstone business, and are sure to give back to mining communities in Africa. The company has a policy of operating ethically, sustainably and transparently ensuring fair-trade in each step of the stone production and distribution chain. As a result, the company has shown amazing performance results and experienced rapid growth in the recent years. I am excited to see the future design collaborations of Gemfields, as well as the wonderful gems discovered by the company.

Source: Gemfields

Innovative and Desirable

This is how I would describe MIIORI, a US based high jewelry brand. The company was founded by Ohanes Agopyan, an influential figure in the worldwide elite jewelry manufacturing.


MIIORI jewellery
“MIIORI captures a woman’s personality and her mood. The double “I” symbolizes the duality of her personality – professional and strong yet sensual and coquettish.” says the company about its customer.
flash set
And this is not all. Miiori patented Flash Set, a unique stone setting technique that gives diamonds and gemstones a holographic effect. I find this invention to be absolutely amazing and interesting for the world of high jewelry.

Pearl Universe

utopia press

utopia press 1

utopia pearls

A Milano based jewelry brand – Utopia Jewels is on of my BaselWorld 2013 discoveries. A high profile Italian company that specializes in natural South Sea and Tahitian pearls and at the moment has 10 collections available, made in 18kt gold with titanium elements, diamonds and pearls. Pearls at the very best!

Source: Utopia, BWDN

Top Marques 2013 – Part 2

la piramide ruby

la piramide pearl necklace




During my visit to the Top Marques 2013 jewelry exhibition I came across a wonderful Milano based jewelry store La Piramide, which specializes in natural pearl and rare jewels, such as vintage Tiffany & Co and Castellani. La Piramide showcased magnificent jewelry pieces, among others made with burma ruby and melo pearls shown here. The other Milano based jewelry brand Sabbadini, known world wide for their signature Bee Brooches presented a wonderful Rose Ruby brooch that caught my eye. Enjoy and stay tuned for the BaselWorld report!

Source: La Piramide, Sabbadini

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