Breathtaking Beauty

by vonbirkin


“In a delicate grey gold branch of cherry blossom, two serpents tangle in a deadly embrace. Dark as the night in precious, blackened palladium and black diamonds, the ruby eyes of the black demon sparkle desperately in the face of his opponent. The submissive pose of the skeletal frame of his adversary, crafted in contrasting white palladium and diamond pave, belies its impending victory. The rose gold, dusty pink enamel and pink diamonds of the cherry blossom frame this vicious scene
with delicate beauty – their mortal petals a vivid metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.”

Jack Du Rose put a spell on me. Absolutely amazed by this magnificent work of jewelry art – Vipers by Du Rose Jewelry in White Gold, Rose Gold, Palladium, Black, White and Pink Diamonds, Enamel.

Source: Du Rose Jewelry