Something Cool

by vonbirkin

white-sphere-piercing-earring (1)black-sphere-piercing-earring (1)to-bee-or-not-to-be-piercing-earringmouth-piercing-earring

Very cool piercing inspired one piece earrings by the Italian Delfina Delettrez. Made in many variations here shown my personal favorites: Sphere in 18kt white gold and 62 diamonds (0,65 CT), Sphere in 18 kt white gold, 19 diamonds (0,13 CT) and 43 black diamonds (0,67 CT), Bee in 18kt yellow gold, 19 diamonds (0,13 CT), 10 black diamonds (0,05 CT), 8 yellow sapphires (0,08 CT) and Lips in 18k yellow gold with 19 diamonds (0,13 CT) and 24 rubies (0,25 CT). All earrings are made with a Pearl lock. A little fashion item with diamonds to spice up your daily look.

Source: Delfina Delettrez