The Golden Age

by vonbirkin



we-told-you-the-emeralds-sold-well-an-emerald-and-diamond-pendant-brooch-also-by-bvlgari-sold-for-657-million-it-was-estimated-at-500000 (1)


One of the most famous jewelry collections of all time – a collection of Elizabeth Taylor, was auctioned at Christie’s shortly for a record-breaking 116 million USD. My favorite pieces from the collection: Diamond tiara estimated $60,000-$80,000 was sold for $4,22 million, La Peregrina by Cartier, featuring one of the most iconic pearls of all time went for $11,8 million, Emerald Brooch by Bvlgari estimated $500,000 was sold for $6,57 million and Emerald Necklace also by Bvlgari estimated $1 million went for $6,13 million. A perfect example that jewelry is not just art but also a great investment.

Source: Christie’s