Never Ending Story

by vonbirkin







Hold your breath, you are about to enter the world of the french jewelry genius Lydia Courteille. Her creations make you dream and when you see them you have to own them. Here is one of my favorite pieces of all time: one of a kind Paris Tiara made in 18kt blackened gold with black diamonds (51,05 CT) and rubies (2,66 CT), then there is the Bestiary Monkey Earrings in 18kt blackened gold with pink opal briolettes, 269 pink sapphires (286 CT), 283 brown (2,83 CT) and 22 black diamonds (0,28 CT), and the Bestiary Lizard Earrings in 18kt gold with 4 sculptured grade A jades, 318 rubies (3,82 CT) and 4 white diamonds (0,05 CT). Simply amazing!

Source: Lydia Courteille