Fields of Color

by vonbirkin

Gemfields is considered to be one of the most important precious stone manufacturing companies in the global jewelry industry. The company is based in London, UK, but it is really Zambia that is considered to be the real home of Gemfileds. The long list of corporate partners include such amazing designers as Faberge, Sevan Bicakci, Dominic Jones, Stephen Webster, Theo Fennell and Wilfredo Rosado just to name a few.

Bracelet by Farah Khan in 18K yellow gold with Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds, 10.31 carats, Mozambican rubies, 57.22 carats and diamonds, 9.43 carats

Rings by Alexandra Mor in yellow gold with diamonds, Gemfileds’ Zambian 68,00 CT amethyst and 26,16 CT emerald
JasmineAlexander-emerald ring
Ring by Jasmine Alexander in gold and platinum with Gemfileds’ Zambian Emerald
Being such a significant player on the jewelry market, people at Gemfields do understand the specificities of the gemstone business, and are sure to give back to mining communities in Africa. The company has a policy of operating ethically, sustainably and transparently ensuring fair-trade in each step of the stone production and distribution chain. As a result, the company has shown amazing performance results and experienced rapid growth in the recent years. I am excited to see the future design collaborations of Gemfields, as well as the wonderful gems discovered by the company.

Source: Gemfields