May 2013 Jewelry Wishlist

by vonbirkin

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, which is also a perfect moment for a change, or an addition! An addition to the jewelry box, thats what I actually had in mind…
Here are my top jewelry picks for May:

Hellmuth Gold Ring
Ring in Yellow Gold with White and Cognac Color Diamonds by Hellmuth
Carolina Bucci Cherry Ring
Tropicalia Pave Cherry Ring in Yellow Gold with Ruby, Emerald, Green and White Diamonds by Carolina Bucci
Stone Paris Spiderweb Ring
Spider Spirit Ring in 18kt Rose Gold with Diamond Pave by Stone Paris
House of Waris Plumage
Plumage Ombre 18kt Gold Necklace with Pink Sapphires by House of Waris
Nialaya Diamond Charm
Diamond Charm Snake Bracelet with Agate and Diamond Pave Snake Charm by Nialaya
Cartier Juste un Clou
Juste un Clou Bracelet in 18kt Yellow Gold with White Diamonds by Cartier
nessa star
Yellow 18kt Gold and Diamond Star Pendant Earrings by Nessa
Elise Dray Dragon Mono Earring
White 18kt Gold Dragon Mono Earring with Black, White and Brown Diamonds by Elise Dray
After reviewing a number of fine jewelry retailers, I came across these wonderful fresh pieces, as well as several new names in the world of diamonds. My personal top pick for May, however, as close to classic as it gets – really craving the Juste un Clou bangle in rose gold!

Source: Cartier, Hellmuth, Nialaya, Nessa, Elise Dray, Stone, Carlona Bucci, House of Waris