Stone Flowers

by vonbirkin

Today I chose to feature something purely inspirational as the pieces you find below are truly amazing! I love the flower motif in fine jewelry, and the combination of carved precious stone and diamonds really is one of my favorite, as it makes the pieces look so much more real than gold does. Carved precious stones can vary in price due to quality and color, and the most expensive ones usually are emerald and tourmaline, however jade and opal are more popular.
Carved Pink Tourmaline Flower Clip in Platinum and Gold with Beryl Briolette and Diamonds by Valentin Magro

Yellow Gold Earrings with Turquoise Carved Tourmaline Flowers with Diamonds and Pearls by Lotus Arts de Vivre

dior flower
White Gold Bangle with Diamonds, Emerald, Ruby, Carved Opal and Jade by Victorie de Castellane for Dior

Wendy Yue Ring
Yellow Gold Carved Pink Opal Flower Ring with Cognac Diamonds, Brown and Pink Sapphires by Wendy Yue

Katherine Jetter
White Gold Carved Opal Flower Ring with Ruby, Emeralds and Diamonds by Katherine Jetter

purple tourmaline
Bold Carved Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings in Yellow Gold by A.Brandt + Son

White and Yellow Gold Rings with Diamonds and Carved Stones by Yanush Gioielli